I recently received a phone call from a lady and her friend who got frozen in the Cryosauna. She said that days after her freeze, her breasts were still cold and asked if this was normal.

Well, being a concerned male, I jumped on this topic to find the right answer.

Prior to entering the Cryosauna, normal skin temperature is around 88 degrees F. Yes, your core temperature is 98.6 degrees, it’s your skin temp we’re talking about. After a three minute Cryo session the skin on the leg drops down to around the high 40’s. And after about three minutes outside the Cryo, your skin temperature rebounds immediately back to above 80 degrees.

An unaltered female breast inside is made up of basically the lobes of mammary glands, pectoral and subcutaneous fat pads, pectoral muscle, and blood vessels (which are the body’s radiator). Under extreme conditions like jumping into an ice water bath, your blood vessels will continue to pump warm blood throughout your breasts.

But, once you change the architecture of the breast with implants, it manifests the way the breast reacts to heat and cold. Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Otto Joseph Placik says; “The implant does not have a blood supply and it will remain cooler than your body.”

Kristin Brill, M.D., F.A.C.S. says; “Implants placed after mastectomy tend to be a little cooler than the rest of the body, and a complaint or feature that women do appreciate over time, especially in women in colder climates. This is because the implants are filled with saline or silicone and essentially sit outside the chest cavity and just beneath the skin. They probably are, in fact, a degree or a few degrees cooler than the true body temperature.”

After reading numerous testimonials on www.JustBreastImplants.com the topic was, “My new boobs are freezing”. Many women stated their new breasts do indeed feel cooler and many said they now have very sensitive nipples, especially when shower water hits them.

This brings us back to the effect Cryotherapy has on the woman with breast implants. Exposing the breasts to minus 220 degrees for three minutes will indeed chill things. Another factor to consider is the placement of the implant. Is it under or over the pectoral muscle? You’ll have more protection from the cold if the implant is under the muscle.

My recommendation for all my female clients is to bring a sports bra to wear while they are freezing. Yes, we have many diehards who go totally commando. For women with implants, bring a sports bra along with a warm tube top to give extra protection, and leave the towel up around your chest. Once you feel how your breasts react to this severe cold you can adjust things accordingly. Keep those “Gummy Bears” warm.

Breast Implants and Cryo

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