Many people who had cosmetic surgery know about the swelling and inflammation following a procedure. And many who don’t want to advertise they just had plastic surgery are turning to Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Dr. Jonas Kuehne of Cryo Healthcare in Hollywood, CA. sees over 100 clients a day, many of whom just had plastic surgery. Dr. Kuehne stated, “One client with a severe hematoma after lipo improved in three days. Another came in right after a nose job with eyes all but swollen shut, and by the time she left, the swelling had gone down so much her eyes were fully open.”

“Cryotherapy causes a release of cytokines, proteins we measure as blood markers in studies,” says Dr. Kuehne, who notes that plastic surgeons are now regularly sending patients. “After a session, anti-inflammatory cytokines are elevated and pro-inflammatory cytokines are decreased. That’s a simplified explanation of how Whole Body Cryotherapy fights full-body inflammation and why it’s viewed as beneficial for everything from autoimmune conditions to muscle soreness to post-surgery recovery.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers has sent patients to the clinic and sees it as safe and effective post-op. “Pain and swelling are related to inflammation, and we know this decreases it,” he says. “One patient, an avid hiker who’d once climbed Denali, wanted to be active as soon as possible after lipo and breast reconstruction. She did six cryo sessions two weeks after surgery and was back hiking in a week. It cut her recovery time by about half.”

If you are contemplating cosmetic surgery and wish a faster recovery or if you just had surgery of any type and wish to mend and recover faster, please visit us at Iceland Cryo at the County Line Plaza in Tequesta. We are next door east of Rocky’s Ace Hardware.

COSMETIC SURGERY and Whole Body Cryotherapy
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