Cryo Man

What to wear in the Cryosauna is rather simple. Whole Body Cryotherapy works best when the skin of the body core (between your waist and neck) is exposed to the ultra-low temperatures. That means you are pretty much in your birthday suit.

For men, cotton underwear boxers or briefs.

For women, no underwire bras. You may wear a sports bra with no metal on it, and your panties.

We will provide you with:

• Socks
• Boots
• Gloves
• A wrap-around Velcro towel
• Leg warmers

For your first session we want you to be comfortable and just get used to the cold experience. Upon following sessions the women can move their towel down to their waist and men can take the towel completely off.

On your first visit, we will take your blood pressure reading. A Systolic of over 160 is too high and you will not be allowed to freeze.

You will also fill out the Client Consent Form. Please review it in detail since it lists the significant contraindications for using the Cryosauna. For convenience, a copy of this form is available here. IC Client Consent Form.

Please read it at your leisure, fill it out, sign where requested, and bring it with you.

Your first Cryo session will be for 2 to 3 minutes at minus 220 Fahrenheit, followed by a brief rest of several minutes, a complimentary bottle of water, and then a second session of 2 to 3 minutes depending on your desire.

Your first visit will take about 15 to 20 minutes because of the Client Consent Form to read and fill out, your blood pressure test, a short tour of the office and how the Cryosauna machine works. On subsequent visits you can be in and out in about 10 minutes. Appointments are not necessary. When you arrive and you see someone else getting frozen, simply find an empty change room and you will be next in line for your freeze.

Ideally, the client should try to take 3 sessions per week every other day for 3 weeks. Take a 1 or 2 week break to allow the body to catch up to the therapy, followed by another 3 weeks of every other day.

Once your session is completed, you get dressed. There is no need for any showers since you are completely dry during the procedure.  Just please be sure when you arrive you are dry.

There are no restrictions on what you usually do following a Cryo session. You may go home and relax or go back to the gym or golf, tennis or bike. There are no collateral negative effects following Cryotherapy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call for clarification or information.

iceland Cryo is the first and the best Whole Body Cryotherapy office in Palm Beach County and The Treasure Coast. We use the state-of-the-art Juka Cryosauna machine, considered the best worldwide.

We are located at the County Line Plaza in Tequesta. For additional information, please email me at: Or call (561) 315-3434.

Thank you, Edison Kiela Owner/Operator