On Sunday my neighbors at County Line Plaza came to my office for a Cryotherapy session. Then we went to the Golf Club of Jupiter for our day of golf.

Now I enjoy golf, but I usually shoot around 100. To my amazement I birdied the first hole and then the second and the third and the fifth and the sixth. My friend was also playing very well and between us we had 9 birdies on the front nine. We ended tied at 82 strokes each…that’s 18 strokes less than my usual score.

So what happened? The only common denominator was getting frozen before we played.

In the professional athletic world there are many instances where getting frozen led to a win. Such as The 2015 Honda Classic won by Padraig Harrington who has at his home the same Cryosauna machine as Iceland Cryo. This past April Floyd Mayweather got frozen every morning and went on to beat Manny Pacquiao. LeBron James is using Cryotherapy and carried his Cleveland Cavs to the NBA Championship Finals.

In America many professional teams are using Whole Body Cryotherapy to enhance recovery. Google “Sports Teams using Whole Body Cryotherapy” to find a huge list.

So if your golf game needs an edge, discover what Cryotherapy can do for you. Visit us at Iceland Cryo at the County Line Plaza in Tequesta. We are next door east of Rocky’s Ace Hardware.

GOLF and how Whole Body Cryotherapy saved my game.

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