The magic sauce which Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) activates in the brain to release is a collection of wonderful chemicals inside the human body to help rejuvenate and heal.

Within 30 seconds inside a Cryosauna at minus 220 degrees Fahrenheit the human body’s skin sensors send an extraordinarily powerful signal to the brain that the body is about to succumb. The brain responses instantly; to preserve the body’s core temperature of 98.6 F degrees, neural signals are sent to vasoconstrict the blood vessels in the limbs to pool as much warm blood into the core of the body.

Simultaneously, the brain’s pituitary gland releases endorphins (which gives relief from pain) and the hypothalamus secretes neurohormones which treat and repair target organs like the brain, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, reproductive organs, and the body’s largest organ, the skin. This internal process also produces a massive boost of collagen production, which gives cartilage its strength and helps with joint problems and reducing wrinkles and cellulite.

For the next 2 to 3 minutes while inside the Cryosauna, the person’s core blood is super enriched with oxygen, endorphins and neurohormones. All crucial life processes are dramatically accelerated. The body’s metabolic rate is spiked to accommodate this extra internal energy and will burn up to 800 calories over the next 10 hours. In other words, during WBC, if the performance of any organs or tissues were low or impaired, these deficiencies are remedied as much as possible with all the required components, so the bolstered organs and tissues can begin to recover. And this is all accomplished naturally using the body’s own regenerative chemicals and powers. In contrast, Western medicine mostly treats organs and tissue when signs of a failure are evident.

When the WBC session is finished and the client steps out of the Cryosauna into normal room temperature signals to the brain indicate this new temperature change and all peripheral blood vessels and tissues expand. Under the temporary higher blood pressure caused by WBC, enriched blood is now released from the “internal core cycle” and flows back out to the peripheral tissues, filling all the remote corners of the body from which it was withheld during the low temperatures. Thus WBC works from within the body.

When this enriched blood reaches peripheral tissues, they are enhanced in the same beneficial way as the internal organs were during the treatment. In fact, this beneficial process continues in the body for 6 to 8 hours after the treatment. Cumulative WBC sessions expand this beneficial process lasting months.

This enriched blood creates favorable conditions for internal organ regeneration, for expelling toxins from subcutaneous layers, for the cell renewal process, replacement of damaged cells and elimination of dead cells from peripheral tissues – rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level.

WBC is the only known modality which accomplishes this extraordinary response in the human body, and without any collateral damage to the body…meaning no adverse side effects such as can be caused by drugs or surgery.

iceland Cryo is the first and only WBC office in Palm Beach County and The Treasure Coast.

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iceland Cryo
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The Magic Sauce of Whole Body Cryotherapy
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