What People Are Saying About iceland Cryo

Marcela L. “My husband and I truly love iceland Cryo. Whole body cryotherapy has improved my quality of life tremendously. I suffer from a rare condition, pseudo tumor celebri which causes severe headache. I heard about the benefits of cryotherapy and decided to give it a try. Ever a since I started cryotherapy, roughly 6 months ago, the intensity and frequency of my headaches have drastically reduced and my quality of life improved. Edison has been very helpful and we definitely recommend iceland Cryo for everyone.”

Jarrod A. “After a long week of Jiu Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning training this is just what I need to recover. I recommend this to all my students, training partners, and friends to recovery from hard training sessions. I’ll definitely be going back to get frozen.”

Ellie K. “This place is amazing! Edison is a very informative and gracious host. I am intrigued by this treatment and feel like it will be a superb complementary support for my health. My body loved getting frozen. Immediately following I felt absolutely euphoric, and I slept so soundly that night, waking up feeling very rested the next day. The fact that it burns so many calories is a plus as well. I will be coming in for Cryo Sauna sessions as much as possible! Thank you for being in Tequesta!”

Brian F. “Edison is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and makes the experience comfortable and relaxing. The treatments are amazing and I can’t wait to go back!”

Nancy M. “One of my favorite places to go for healing and great conversation. Edison does a great job of welcoming and explaining. The machine does the rest-healing and rejuvenating with wonderful, cold therapy.”

Stacy L. “What a phenomenal experience! Loved it!!”

Debi L. “Get Chilled to the Bone @icelandcryo this is the best for recovery, lactic acid build up, inflammation, collagen production, injuries. Give it a try, I am!!!”

Gail F. “I have tried the iceland Cryo in Tequesta, it is AWESOME and if you haven’t given it a go……NOW’S THE TIME!”

Cryotherapy releases endorphins and natural molecules which soothes sore muscles and improves sleep, calms inflammation, reduces cellulite, and even reverses the signs of aging by boosting the production of collagen.

Please Google “Whole Body Cryotherapy” to see how this amazing modality can help you. And visit our website at www.icelandcryo.com to see our prices, Cryo videos, research papers on Cryotherapy, and the full names of the people noted above.

What People Are Saying About iceland Cryo
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